The purpose of Druid Hills Youth Sports is to promote good character, health, and sportsmanship among the youth of the community through sports.

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Softball at DHYS!

DHYS is excited to announce a joint program with Rough Riders Softball Atlanta starting this fall, with 6U, 8U, 10U and 12U softball programs included as part of the DHYS registration offerings.

Registration opens on July 15 and can be completed on the website, with costs being $100 per player for 6U and $150 per player for all other age levels.

6U games will be held at Medlock Park, while 8U-12U games will continue to be hosted at the Rough Riders home field behind the First Baptist Church in Decatur. Note that the age cutoff is based on your daughter's age as of December 31, 2013. So, if your daughter was 5 as of December 31, 2013, she is eligible for the program!

Please visit for more information about Rough Riders Softball Atlanta!

Click Here to Register!

Free Fall Players' Clinics!

Our Fall players' clinics have been scheduled.  These clinics are led by our resident experts and former Professional ball players, Ben Johnstone and Bill Melvin. These guys have been a staple around the park for years and have taught thousands of players through their clinics.  Players of all skill levels can learn something new.  Parents, we encourage you to stay with your player and learn something new too!  These clinics will take place at the Clubhouse near the batting cages.  Here is the schedule:

Sep 8   - 6:00pm Shetland followed by 7:00pm Pinto
Sep 9   - 7:00pm Mustang/International 
Sep 15 - 7:00pm Bronco/Pony
Sep 16 - 6:00pm Shetland followed by 7:00pm Pinto
Sep 22 - 7:00pm Mustang/International
Sep 23 - 7:00pm Bronco/Pony
Sep 29 - 6:00pm Shetland followed by 7:00pm Pinto
Sep 30 - 7:00pm Mustang/International
Oct  6   - 7:00pm Bronco/Pony
Oct  7   - 6:00pm Shetland followed by 7:00pm Pinto
Oct 13  - 7:00pm Mustang/International End of Season Clinic
Oct 14  - 6:00pm Shetland followed by 7:00pm Pinto End of Season Clinics
Oct 20  - 7:00pm Bronco/Pony End of Season Clinic

For more information about our Professionals please visit their websites at and

Please direct any questions/comments/concerns about clinics to our VP Planning, Chris Foster, .


Congratulations to the 14U DHYS Hawks Travel Team

Austin Bryan
Mason Curtis
Ike Epstein
Zach Hailey
Stephen Hanes
Joseph Hiley
Jackson Hogan
Tucker Jones
Lawrence Kimborough
Cameron Perry
John Griffin Stanford
Alec Tubbs
Nate Yaeger
William York
Gus Young

Congratulations to the 13U DHYS Hawks Travel Team

Henry Bryant
Trevon Frazier
Henry Freer
Matthew Hills
Seth Jones
Joey Kooken
Andrew Neville
Jaden Rafter
Joe Vatalaro
Jake Waddell
Cole Walker

Click Here for Information on your Favorite DHYS Summer Teams!

100 Gloves Project a Huge Success!

We received the following email from Dina Zeckhausen, reporting in on the results of our efforts to collect used baseball equipment for the Julie Castillo League in The Dominican Republic:

Thank you SO Much for your help with getting the word out about 100 Gloves! This afternoon we picked up a bin overflowing with equipment from DHYS. (Please visit our Facebook page, where I just posted some photos of the updated loot.) We got lots of small gloves, cleats and bats from your group--which was perfect because we had already gotten lots of big stuff for the high school age kids. This was a very successful drive!

We will keep you in the loop about shipping and distributing the equipment. It may not be until December: we are considering a Xmas trip, where the boys will get to play Santa. :)

In the meantime, thanks again...wishing you and your League a great end of the baseball season!


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Key Contacts:

President - Jon Neville - 

Upper Division VP - Julie Kooken - 

PONY League Director - Kirk Setzer - 

Middle School League Director - Kevin Perry - 

Bronco League Director - Stan Flowers & Tim Turner - 

International League Director - Andy Dickinson - 

Mustang League Director - Arthur Ebbs - 

Lower Division VP - Joey Brosnan - 

Pinto 8U League Director - Jason Berzsenyi - 

Pinto 7U League Director - Charlie Rogers - 

Shetland League Director -Graham Barron - 

DeKalb County Parks and Recreation Administration Contacts




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Field 1 - Bronco - Medlock Park TBD (8/28) 
Field 2 - International - Medlock Park TBD (8/28) 
Field 3 - Pinto - Medlock Park TBD (8/28) 
Field 4 - Mustang - Medlock Park TBD (8/28) 
Field 5 - Shetland - Medlock Park TBD (8/28) 
Field 6 - Pony - Medlock Park TBD (8/28) 
Field 7 - Pinto - Medlock Park TBD (8/28) 
Field 8 - Shetland - Medlock Park TBD (8/28) 
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