The purpose of Druid Hills Youth Sports is to promote good character, health, and sportsmanship among the youth of the community through sports.

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"There are 3 things you can do in baseball. You can win, or you can lose, or it can rain." -- Casey Stengel


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Join us in our efforts to dramatically improve Medlock Park.


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Key Contacts:

DeKalb County Parks and Recreation Administration Contacts


Role Person Email
President Chris Foster
Upper Division VP Graham Barron
Senior League Director David Scott
Middle School League Director Jim Riel
Major Nation League Director Duke Guthrie
Major American League Director Bill Ivey
AAA National League Director Mark Rebillot
AAA American League Director Ken Mooney
Lower Division VP Mike deRijke
A/AA National League Director Lev Vaysman
A/AA American League Director Steve Raimonde
Rookie League Director Brian Arnette
Softball VP Rob McHoul

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Upcoming Clubhouse Events



Field Status
Batting Cages - Medlock Park OPEN (4/21) 
Clubhouse - Medlock Park OPEN (4/21) 
Concession Stand - Medlock Park TBD (4/21) 
Field 1 - Major - Medlock Park TBD (4/21) 
Field 2 - AAA - Medlock Park TBD (4/21) 
Field 3 - A - Medlock Park TBD (4/21) 
Field 4 - AAA - Medlock Park TBD (4/21) 
Field 5 - Rookie - Medlock Park TBD (4/21) 
Field 6 - MS/Senior - Medlock Park TBD (4/21) 
Field 7 - AA - Medlock Park TBD (4/21) 
Field 8 - Rookie - Medlock Park TBD (4/21) 
RBC Field 1 - Rehoboth Baptist Church TBD (4/21) 
RBC Field 2 - Rehoboth Baptist Church TBD (4/21) 
RBC Field 3 - Rehoboth Baptist Church TBD (4/21) 
RBC Field 4 - Rehoboth Baptist Church TBD (4/21) 
RBC Field 5 - Rehoboth Baptist Church TBD (4/21) 
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