The purpose of Druid Hills Youth Sports is to promote good character, health, and sportsmanship among the youth of the community through sports.

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2017-2018 Rosters


Medlock Park Travel Baseball is pleased to announce the rosters of the Monarchs for the 2017-18 season:
Medlock 13u Monarchs Medlock 14u Monarchs
Manager Kevin Ksionzyk Manager Marcus Shoemake
Coach Brian Ogle Coach Phillip Byrd
Coach Tom Ksionzyk Coach Shane Hammond
Kevin Austin Jaden Camp
Will Berry Sam Davis
Jackson Cheek Gabe Elliott
Aaron DeCarlo Jackson Ewing
Layton Dickinson Max Fishbein
Creighton Dunbar Taylor Flowers
Paul Gaeta Cal Forde
Shawn Givens David McQuaig
Noah McMahon Charlie Payne
Santos Miranda Michael Robinson
Luke Novak Jack Tope
Cullen Riel Cole Turner
Bradley Towner Justin Weaver


Congratulations to all and best of luck!

13U Red Devils win Boo Ball Championship!

The DHYS 13U Red Devils scared up a championship in the BBBB Boo Ball Tournament, rolling over five opponents in the two-day tourney.

The Red Devils won resoundingly, totaling 48 runs while giving up 10.

The Oct. 22-23 tournament involved 19 teams, and took place in different parks. On Oct. 22, a Saturday, the Red Devils traveled to Lawrenceville.

In the first game, the Devils met and beat the Lawrenceville Stars, 6-3. Malachi Cloud, Taylor Flowers and Cal Forde led the pack with 2 hits apiece. Nathan Brieske held the Stars at bay, throwing three sweet relief innings while allowing just one run.

Next opponent: Team 360 Hawks. The Devils came out hot in the first inning, scoring 13 unanswered runs. Nor did they cool in the next two innings, scoring 8 more runs to win the game in three innings. Final: Devils 21, Hawks 1.

Nearly everyone hit. Malachi and Cole Turner led the pack with 3 each. Cole also was responsible for 5 RBIs; Taylor and Cal followed with 3 apiece.

The second day of the tourney found the Red Devils in Flowery Branch, in a win-or-go-home pool play. The Red Devils did go home … but not right away.

First opponent: The Stars, the Lawrenceville team the Devils beat the previous day. The Stars played the Devils close, tying the game at 1 each in the fourth. In the next inning, the Red Devils responded with 5 runs – a gap the Stars failed to close. Final: Devils 7, Stars 1.

Bright spots in the game: Cole struck out 3; so did teammate Sam Davis. David McQuaig racked up 2 RBIs, as did Cole. Gabe Elliott added 1.

The team was devilishly good in the field, too. To close out the first inning, the Red Devils threw out a runner at home – right-fielder Charlie Payne relaying to Gabe who fired the ball to the catcher Cal. He dropped a mitt on the kid as the runner slid home:Out! In the fourth inning, David made a diving, shoestring catch in center to send a batter back to the dugout. In the fifth, Gabe made his own shoestring dive, stopping a scorching line drive to second base.

Game 2 unfolded that afternoon against the Makos, a team the DHYS boys have played before. The Devils, already with a head of steam from the earlier win, rolled to a 10-5 win.

Hats off to Cal, a force at the mound and plate; he struck out 4, got 3 hits. Charlie Payne notched 1 K while pitching. Noah Grayson and Max Fishbein bashed 2 hits each.

The team sparkled in defense, too. One highlight: An optimistic Mako who tried to stretch a double into a triple realized the error of his ways when right fielder Finn Blackmon rifled a throw to Max at second. He spun and fired to third. Pop! Cole caught the ball – tagged the runner, too.

That left one game, the championship. The Red Devils took the field after nightfall. The temperature dropped. Parents wrapped blankets around their shoulders and remembered steamy afternoons when they’d wished for cooler weather.

Their sons faced the Atlanta Astros. DHYS struck first, scoring 1 in the first inning. The Astros failed to put any runs on the board until the fourth, when they added 1, tying the game – but only for a heartbeat. In the bottom of that inning, the Red Devils added 2 more. In the sixth, the Red Devils – having already put another run on the board – were poised to add more -- Cal was standing at third, with no outs – when time ran out.

Defensive gems: In the fourth inning, third baseman Micheal Robinson fielded a grounder, wisely ignoring the batter racing to first and throwing out the runner racing to home. In the next inning, he gobbled a ricochet off Gabe’s pitching foot and got the batter at first.

The tournament wound down quickly after that. Trophies were awarded, hands shaken. The players grinned at each other.

Each winner got a ring about the size of a golf ball, only heavier. It looked like something a professional wrestler might wear to beat his opponent into the mat.

It was the latest addition to a glittering, growing pile of hardware marking this fall 2016 season.

14U Spartans capture Fall State Tournament Championship!

The 14U Spartans finished in first place at the USSSA Fall State Tournament in LaGrange on October 2. The Spartans went 3-0 and won the championship game with a dramatic 2-run walk-off double. Well done Spartans!

13U Red Devils take top prize!

The Druid Hills 13U Red Devils brought cool defense and hot bats to Forsyth County, winning the Southern Sports Fall Frenzy Tournament.


The Devils took two out of three games in the one-day tourney. They played back-to-back games to win the Sept. 25 tournament.


In their first game, the Devils rolled over Team Elite Silver, 9-0. Whatever magic they had in that match went missing in game 2: In a rare shutout, the Devils fell to the Powder Springs Indians, 5-0. They shrugged off that loss to beat the Indians in the final game, 7-4.


The tournament – the last game, especially -- left Coach Kirk Setzer smiling.


“We had great defense today,” Setzer said. “And we hit the ball.”


Here’s a recap of the day:

Game 1: The Red Devils hit early, hit often. They scored 7 runs in the first inning, peppering the outfield with long balls and bashing grounders that rabbited across a dusty infield. Their opponents, the Team Elite Silver, answered with 0 runs. The Devils added 2 more in the fourth inning. The other guys tried, but could not score.


Sam Davis started the game on the mound, pitching 2 1/3 innings before handing the ball over in relief to Cole Turner. Cole wound up, threw. Pop! The ball echoed in catcher Cal Forde’s mitt. He dispatched that batter, as well as the team. Final: Red Devils, 9, Team Elite Silver, 0.


Game 2: The Powder Spring Indians, fresh from beating the Spartans, came prepared. They scored in the first inning with 3 runs. The Devils tried and failed to match that score. The Devils held the Indians scoreless for two more innings, but surrendered 1 run each in the fourth and fifth innings. In one of those mysteries that leaves coaches muttering and cussing, the Red Devils could not cross home plate.


A bright moment: Max Fishbein threw out a batter who tried to stretch his double into a triple. His throw to third baseman Jack Tope was a study in speed and accuracy. But defense alone cannot win games. Final: Indians 5, Red Devils 0.


Championship: Cal took the mound for the second game against the Indians. It was a position he’d keep. Streaked with dust, stained with sweat, he looked more like a street sweeper than a pitcher. And sweep he did. So did his teammates.


The Red Devils scored 1 in the first. The Indians put up 3 – thinking, perhaps, that they’d send the Devils back to Atlanta without much effort. They were wrong.


The Red Devils smacked the Indians hard in the second inning with 5 runs. The Devils hit, they stole, they scored. The Indians fizzled, answering that barrage with a lone run late in the game. Final: Red Devils 7, Indians 4, to bring home the hardware.


A few shout-outs: To David McQuaig, whose play in centerfield was flawless; to Micheal Robinson, for a fine throw from right to first to send a batter back to the dugouts; to Taylor Flowers, who dominated shortstop; to Gabe “Wheels” Elliott, a spark in the championship game; and to Finn Blackmon, whose clutch catch at first helped keep a shutout intact.


For winning, the Red Devils got medals. They slipped them over their necks and grinned. They bumped shoulders, as teammates do. And why not? School was still hours away, and they were champs.

The Devils play next on Sunday, Oct. 2, in the Southwest Sox Round Robin Tournament.


Red Devils: playing cool, winning hot.

13U Red Devils stick a fork in two out of three games

They came, they played, they won. And then they did it again. The third time out?

We’ll get to that.

The 13U Red Devils traveled to Dunwoody Sept. 11 to play in Crush Childhood Cancer, a one-day tourney whose name explains its purpose. The newly minted team – this was the squad’s first outing – was one of four teams from the metro area to play.

They played three games, beginning just as the rising sun illuminated the fields at Roberts Athletic Park. They wrapped up play just as the sun dipped behind trees ringing the complex. In-between they scored 37 runs while allowing 19. But it’s how those runs were divvied that mattered most.

The Red Devils came out swinging, and swinging hard, in game No. 1 against the Dirt Dogs. They held the Dogs scoreless until the waning moments of a lopsided match. Final: Red Devils 24, Dogs 2.

The second game took place later that day, when the sun had reached a high point and hammered everything below. The Devils took the field to play a familiar rival, the Diablos – a hellish match, you might say, played in infernal conditions. The Devils scored first, grabbing 3 in the bottom of the second inning. The Diablos, unfazed, responded with 3 of their own at the next at-bat. Then, in the bottom of the third, the Devils widened the margin by putting 5 on the board. That proved too much for the Diablos, who scuffled, fought and ultimately lost. Game 2 final: Devils 9, Diablos 4.

But the Devils weren’t through with the Diablos. Each team had scored a sufficient number of runs in their earlier matches so that they were numeric front-runners; they had to play again to determine the championship.

Game 3 began 30 minutes after the second concluded. The day cooled as the game heated up. The Diablos shook off the earlier defeat, adding 3 in the first inning. The Devils chiseled back with a series of 1-run innings to tie the game in the third. But the Diablos weren’t through: in the fourth inning they scored 4; in the fifth, they added 5. The Devils responded with a lone run in the fifth. Final: Red Devils 4, Diablos 12.

The tournament ended with some hardware – gold medals, affixed to ribbons the color of butterscotch, awarded to winners and runners-up. They flashed in the setting sun while parents applauded and a couple of tired umps trudged to their air-conditioned cars. The Red Devils and Diablos – dusty, dirty, disheveled, destined to meet again – shook hands. And so another season begins.

Afew numbers for the statistically inclined: The Devils, as noted earlier, crossed home plate 37 times, while their opponents scored a three-game total of 19. In that trio of games, the DHYS boys amassed 30 hits – the other guys totaled 12. Total Red Devils errors: 6. Uniforms that need washing: 12 (two players were absent).


The Red Devils have off the weekend of Sept. 17-18. On Sept. 25 they play in the Southern Sports Fall Frenzy.

13U Spartans start the summer off with a Tourney Win!

Congratulations to our 13U DHYS Spartans.  They began their summer travel ball season by finishing runner-up at the Champs Wear Rings NIT tournament in Carrollton on May 1.

13U Spartans Win First Tournament

The 13U Spartans finished in first place at the USSSA Champs Wear Rings Sunday Only tournament in Douglasville on October 11. The Spartans played 4 games in a row and went 3-1 to capture the championship! This was the team's first tournament of the fall season.


2016-17 13U Red Devils Travel Team Roster

2016-17 14U Spartans Travel Team Roster

Congratulations to this year's 13U and 14U travel team members.  Good luck!

  1. Finn Blackmon
  2. Nathan Brieske
  3. Malachi Cloud
  4. Sam Davis
  5. Gabriel Elliot
  6. Max Fishbein
  7. Taylor Flowers
  8. Cal Forde
  9. Noah Grayson
  10. David McQuaig
  11. Charlie Payne
  12. Micheal Robinson
  13. Jack Tope
  14. Cole Turner


  1. Alex Asher
  2. Henry Nichols
  3. Bentley Marshall
  4. Henry Dunbar
  5. Krishna Nair
  6. Nathan Moore
  7. Keith Adams
  8. Mason Doan
  9. Andrew Mao
  10. Will Thomas
  11. Sam AhmannLloyd
  12. Will Hutchinson



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